Hand made, inspired by nature and created in Cornwall using traditional artisan methods.

​​​keeping traditions alive ~ treading softly on the earth ~  caring, open minded and respectful of individuality


Beautiful liquid soap presented in a handy, stylish dispenser ideal for bathrooms and kitchens alike, made with natural plant extracts, it will leave your hands smelling deliciously scented and so soft.

£15.00 + p&p

(gift wrapping available £2.50)


The perfect finishing touch to any room.  These hand poured candles presented in a perfectly sized, simply designed tin will give the space a warm glow and fill your home with delicious scents.  Our best seller!

Clean, even 45 hour burn - 7.6cm x 7.6cm 

£10 each + p&p

(gift wrapping available £2.50)


These simple elegant diffusers allow for the continuous steady release of scent into your room.

Inside the lovely craft cylinder you will find a simple frosted bottle, 150mls of fragrance oils and 10 rattan reeds.

There is no alcohol used in the diffuser oils allowing you to enjoy the scent for even longer.

£27.00 + p&p

(gift wrapping available £2.50)


This lovely range comes in two sizes of rustic white pots that have a simple uncluttered feel to fit into any decor.

They come in 3 delicious scents:-

Bay and Rosemary - Grapefruit and Lime

Cucumber and Black Pepper

Large Pot

Burn time 60 hours

size 12cm x 10.5cm

£20.00 +p&p

(gift wrapping available £2.50)

Small Pot

Burn time 25 hours

size 9.5cm x 8.3cm

£15.00 +p&p

(gift wrapping available £2.50)

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